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ALP The media-book Manhattan Rhapsody, dedicated by Jean-Michel Goury and his friends to the Denis levaillant’s works for and with saxophones, is again available in digital distribution:

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The Musicians of Brême

A new video on YouTube The march of the Rooster

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The French Composer Denis Levaillant’s retelling of the famed Brother Grimm Tale is again available in digital distribution:

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A new work that you can listen and read (synchronized score):
L’Andalouse, for accordion and string quartet, recorded by Olivier Innocenti and the Amôn Quartet

Book 1, 8'40

Book 2, 14'40

Pachamama Symphony

I’m very happy to let you discover the rest of my new work for Wind Symphony, Pachamama Symphony, premiered in Paris last February 16th by the Musique des gardiens de la paix under the baton of Gildas Harnois.
(a film by Nelson Castro, mastering Pierre Jacquot):

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Two new pieces that you can listen and read (synchronized score):

L’Aspiration au bonheur, for bass clarinet and string quartet, 7’
Recorded by Sylvain Kassap and the Amôn Quartet

Fantaisie for Bassoon and Piano, 12’
recorded by Paul Riveaux and the composer

The Art of Piano Improvisation


My new book-DVD, devoted to the Art of Improvisation at the Piano, is , is now available (in French).

Originating from a commission of the Ile de France region, it sums up the main part of the contents of my master class for piano teachers, which started in 2011 in Paris. I filmed more than forty examples at the piano. The images are by Nelson Castro. You can watch three of those on Youtube:

Extrait 1
Extrait 2
Extrait 3

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Works for and with saxophones
Jean-Michel Goury and Friends

«Composer Denis Levaillant has long been attached to saxophones (of all types), an attachment that has led him to do a new take on the world's living music. In Jean-Michel Goury he found a virtuoso accomplice of the first order and bearer of the same jubilant effectiveness and the same desire of openness towards the result, i.e., the listener, both professing the same fervour for diversity. This CD proves it.»
Jean-Marie Londeix
Professeur honoraire du Conservatoire de Bordeaux

Distribution disquaires : Abeille Musique
Distribution libraires : Pollen (réseau Diligo
Téléchargeable en qualité master studio sur Qobuz et écoutable en streaming à partir du 24 mars.
Available in USA on CD BABY

Upcoming mini-tour of the south east United States With Jean-Michel Goury and Yves Josset

Spring in USA: I’m invited by 7 Universities of the south east United States
With Jean-Michel Goury and Yves Josset
For concerts of my music and clinics

More Informations

I got a great interview and terrific reviews in the March Fanfare’s issue

Les passagers du delta


«ALP Trio. A for Altschul (Barry Altschul, batterie), L for Levaillant (Denis Levaillant, piano and composition), P for Phillips (Barre Phillips, double-bass). For the first time, this double album brings together a studio recording made at the Davout Studio in 1986 and a concert recorded live in 1989 on the occasion of the Banlieues Bleues festival. This group, which lasted from 1986 to 1993, was born from the desire of Denis Levaillant, a live-wire composer and free pianist, exceptional and unclassifiable. Without a strict 'jazzman' labelling - and that's all for the better! With such playing accomplices as fantastic improvisers Barre Phillips on bass and Barry Altschul on drums. Denis Levaillant found a magnificent stage name: 'The Passengers of the Delta'. The triangle and travel, two essential words that immediately impose themselves and resonate throughout all the music invented by these three artists of the instant and instinct. Listening to them again today, you tell yourself that time doesn't exist and that this three-way conversation has not aged in the slightest, having kept the same freshness of emotion and provoking the same power of surprises since his creation.»
Pascal Anquetil

You can download the album on qobuz in master quality (24 bits)

You can buy it on Cd Baby

Fairytale Landscapes


Orchestral and chamber works
Denis Levaillant publish a new mediabook double CD of six of his orchestral works, with the Paris national Opera orchestra, the Orchestre de Picardie, the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France and the Ensemble Intercontemporain. In his preface, Gérard Condé wrote: "What might be mentioned first is the dramatic, almost cinematographic, quality of this music: a colorist, so that it might be better seen in imagination, Levaillant pushes fantasizing in sound as far as possible. He makes the ear's eye travel"

You can listen to excerpts and download the album on qobuz

You can buy it on Cd or download in mp3

Eloge du musical

la petite danseuse

Sorry for my English-speaking friends, this book is at the moment avalaible only in French.

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Découvrez ici son sommaire


THE FEAR FACTORY A new cinematic sound
In this new double album, composed like the soundtrack of an imaginary film -- a very black film, very tense and dramatic, like today's world --, Denis Levaillant multiplied the acoustic sound sources, processed it like electro, and mixed it with sequences of percussion instruments from all the world. You got a very 'cinematic' sound, serious, and powerful. This album can convince all the fans of new electro like all the lovers of the action movies original tracks.

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La petite Danseuse :
Recording of the year

"A wonderful new ballet inspired by Degas’s famous sculpture of a young dance student. Every aspect of this production impresses. Levaillant’s music is an arresting mix of styles ranging from the baroque to modernism and jazzy figures via Late Romanticism and Impressionism. Ian Lace, Music Web International, December 2011

The Musicians of Bremen

The Musicians of Bremen After having set Jacques Prévert's Opéra de la Lune to music in 2008, performed by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio-France and Jacques Bonnaffé (Gallimard-Jeunesse, 2008), Denis Levaillant remains on the shores of childhood and is again joined by the actor for The Musicians of Bremen, based on the tale by the Brothers Grimm, which he translated, adapted and set to music.

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Le dernier Pèlerinage

Le dernier Pèlerinage
I put together this program in 1986 for the centennial of Liszt's death.
This year I have recorded it to celebrate the bicentennial of his birth.

For me, the piano works written by this eternally "young composer" in his last years are like a reflection of his whole life. He looks at himself in a mirror and sees all the facets of his character come back to life, from the salon virtuoso to Mephisto the enchanter, from Don Juan the seducer to the solitary abbé. And the harder he looks, the more his own image blurs.
There is often a tendency to take these works either for what they are not yet – and then there is interest solely in what they announce in the evolution of the musical language – or for what they no longer are. And comparing them to the youthful works, one feels the expression of an exhausted, morbid energy and thus fears their silences. Personally, I think just the opposite and take them for what they are: magnificent, varied pieces of music, sometimes as virtuosic as the works of his beginnings, always of great purity, as if each note, on the edge of nothingness, were calling for the next, thereby creating life for ever after.

Le dernier Pèlerinage chez Quobuz

The Little Dancer

la petite danseuse This full-evening ballet will be released in DVD Blu-ray, Full HD, and NTSC, May 20th, Arthaus production.

La peite danseuse de Degas chez Naxos

Broadcasting on the Mezzo Channel, particularly Sunday 22th at 6.30 pm and Sunday June 5th at 8.30 pm.

"An inspired and visually ravishing creation. This ballet deserves to go from success to success. »
Ian 2011


To echo the success of the second edition of the DVD-book LE PIANO, Denis Levaillant has devised a concert-lecture on the theme of ‘piano invention’. How has piano music followed the evolution of the instrument from the time of Bach up to the present day? What are the founding values of ‘pianism’? In what direction is today’s creation headed? How has jazz influenced written works? Backed up by a large number of examples drawn from the repertoire and from his own catalogue, Denis Levaillant endeavours to answer these intriguing questions.

The first concert-lecture has be given in Strasbourg at 3 p.m. on 13 November at the Médiathèque Strasbourg Centre, in the framework of the ‘Jazz d'Or’ Festival.

The second has be given at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional in Boulogne-Billancourt on 16 November at 10 a.m., in the framework of ARIAM programming:



This album is my tribute to the world of cinema. Each track of this suite for a chamber ensemble was inspired by a movie I loved. Inventiveness was aroused by recollection. The album as a whole is the original sound track of an imaginary movie.



A new edition of LE PIANO is published - for now, just in French. Since the first edition (Lattès, 1986), it is seen as a reference book.
This new edition is enlarged by a DVD including two films: The basic principles of piano technique, and Piano Solo Piano, a recital performed by Denis Levaillant in Paris, including large excerpts of his piano works catalog: Douze Mouvements, Etudes Africaines, Un Petit Rien-du-tout, Images-Etudes, Jazz Faces.

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I recorded last year the original soundtrack for BLINDSPOT, and I was asked to record the very famous Haendel’s «Sarabande» (everybody can remember the beautiful soundtrack for the Kubrick’s Barry Lindon.
I’m glad to give you this recording, as a gift for visiting my web!.

Download the Sarabande


A new symphonic work composed on the text by Jacques Prevert is published by Editions Gallimard Jeunesse
Jacques Bonnaffé and the Philharmonic Orchestra of Radio France recorded this musical tale of 50 minutes

Listen to


in the current financialstorm:
O.P.A Mia, with drawings by Enki Bilal For sale in bookshops.

This opera created in 1990 shows itself more than ever as a premonitory work today: fictitious money, junk bonds, bail out, fear, debts, all the news, every day, seems to be extracted from the libretto!

NEW : Four video excerpts available. Just click here


The Little Dancer, O.P.A Mia, Two Rooms to Rent, A Little Trifle, In praise of the Radio...


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