Denis Levaillant Music Ensemble

Oboe and English horn: Laszlo Hadady, soloist with the Ensemble Intercontemporain; they met at the premiere of La Femme sur la Lune.

Similary with Jean-Marc Foltz, clarinet and bass clarinet. (They met at the Ensemble, Jean-Marc gave the first performance of Easy/Uneazy and continues to champion this piece for solo bass clarinet; he has since put a lot into jazz and improvisation).

Paul Riveaux, bassoon, another soloist with the Intercontemporain.

On the accordion: Olivier Innocenti, who was also participated in the adventure of La Petite danseuse at the Paris Opera.

Jean-Michel Goury play the saxophones.

In concert, he regularly performs Manhattan Rhapsody, written for him (in the U.S., November 2007).

On cello: Marie-Thérèse Grisenti, with whom a profound, in-depth collaboration is beginning.

And on double bass, he who was already present at Levaillant's first recording, the album Attention l’Armée in ...1975: Jean-Jacques Avenel !